Riesling is considered among winemakers to be one of the most distinctive and interesting wines to drink. It has the ability to transform from a delicate young wine into something intense and complex as it ages. New Zealand Riesling grows best in cooler regions, and one of the most renowned of there is Wairarapa, at the southern end of the north island, from where we source our fruit. The vineyards are on north-facing slopes of alluvial solils and the growing season is cool and even, producing wines with fine acidity and refreshing flavours.

Riesling grapes are picked at lower sugar levels to other white varieties, giving it a lower alcohol,and this wine has been fermented completely to produce a drier style. controlled stainless steel tanks.

This Riesling has a wonderful mix of citrus flavours, including lime and lime leaf, and a subtle ginger and floral character. It has a clean, crisp finish with a wonderful lingering citrus flavor.