Pinot Gris

The Matakana region is proving to have great potential to produce quality Pinot Gris wines, and our aim is to nurture the natural earthy stone-fruit character of this grape—along with the influence of our Matakana vineyard’s terroir.

Pinot Gris has elegant fruit characters but the flavours are subtle. This ‘vigorous’ variety needs to be pruned heavily to reduce the yield per hectare in order to capture these flavours. 

To maintain the fine fruit flavours, the grapes are handled gently, whole-bunch pressed and then given a slow fermentation in a cooled environment. The oak contributes a layer of complexity and further depth of character to the wine. Each vintage the winemaker carefully ascertains the proportion of the wine to be matured in barrels and the duration in barrel required to achieve the perfect balance and integration of the oak with the delicate fruit flavours.